Launch a fully featured backend in five minutes

Managed content management and backend services so you can focus on building what actually matters. Works with any web or mobile application.

Easy integration

Access your data using our client modules, API, or pull it during build time for static sites.

const ss = new SiteSailsClient({ publicApiKey: process.env.PUBLIC_API_KEY, }); const blogPosts = await ss.nodes('blog').search(); const blogPost = await ss.nodes('blog').get(slug); await ss.members().login(member); await ss.nodes('blog').connections('reviews').add(review);

Support for everything from a simple blog to complex e-commerce sites

Content Management

Headless CMS with visual editor, customizable data, multiple languages with automatic translations and much more.

Backend Services

User registration and management, user content interactions, email handling, payment provider integrations.

Easy Setup and Usage

Set up the system in minutes, integrate in your application using modern client modules or connect directly to the API.

There's a plan for every use case. Start on the free plan and upgrade as you grow.